Personal safety

woman with umbrellaThe nature of our work as a social landlord means our employees sometimes have to work alone and with vulnerable people. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees we have developed our own personal safety training.

The course runs at various times throughout the year and is offered to both Axiom staff and other organisations that have people who work alone or would benefit due to the nature of their job.


  • To recognise when your personal safety may be at risk and to learn how to employ effective security measures
  • To increase the overall awareness and skills of people whose work may lead to their personal safety being put at risk

By the end of the course individuals will be able to:

  • Identify the common causes of conflict/confrontation, within the workplace, that can lead to heightened personal risk
  • Define organisational policy in relation to the individual’s personal safety, security, role and responsibilities at work
  • Demonstrate the use of planning skills required during risk assessment
  • Outline the tactical use of verbal and non-verbal communications in dealing with challenging behaviour and de-escalating confrontation/aggression/intimidation
  • Identify the warning and danger signs of aggression (body language)
  • Describe the special safety and security considerations of the lone worker
  • Consider the criminal law/ social carers’ codes of practice, in relation to the use of force
  • Demonstrate practical defensive skills, which may be used in response to threat (light and basic practical skills, suitable for all delegates)

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